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Social Media
for Social Impact

"Our mission is to measurably increase the effectiveness of humans driving positive change"

Creating a project on FreedomCode is quick and easy

Anyone Can Join

FreedomCode acts as a mutually beneficial bridge, fostering an ecosystem to drive positive, lasting change

Proof of Impact

Anyone can be a philanthropist. FreedomCode Tokens are earned in exchange for user content and participation.

Global Giving

We empower people to take action, collaborate & lead impactful projects locally, while broadcasting their effect globally.

Cause Driven Content

Proof of Impact Content Creation

The user uploads short-form video content focused on charitable activities and thanking donors, charitable acts become scalable and make the fundraising experience more engaging and personalized.
 the forefront of fundraising efforts by leveraging the power of user participation

Blockchain for Good

Trust and transparency are key to the success of non-profits.
From borderless payments to impact traceability, blockchain technology can truly improve global non-profit operations.

Our team

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Partner and COO Superheroes.Marketing Agency. Board Member at Superheroes of Ukraine NGO.


Mihai Dinulescu

Strategy Advisor


Brianna Eden Rutland

Business Development Manager


Kseniia Maslakova

Product Manager

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